one word... dramatic

I've been passionate about photography since I was a child. The abililty to freeze a moment in time, capturing it in a perspective unique only to the artists viewpoint, has always captivated me.

When asked to describe my style of shooting in a single word, it would have to be the word DRAMATIC. My style incorporates a specific blend of individual perspective, coupled with a cinematic workflow, resulting in unique reditions of creativity.


you inspire me!

There is no greater impact in life than the instrumental influence of others. We are each uniquely made with diverse skill sets and because of which, have the ability to positively, change lives. If captured correctly, those unique individual traits can visually inspire others. As passionate as I am about landscapes, portraits are what captivate me the most.


nature = clarity!

For me personally, there is no better way to admire God's handiwork than to get out into nature and see all that He's created.

As with everything, learning is continuous. This cannot be more evident than when shooting landscapes. The variables that must be considered are seamingly endless, specifically with unpredictable weather conditions.

However, the most important lesson I've learned, is to get my face out of the camera, and take a moment to reflect in all His glory. When I heed to this important life lesson, it provides the clarity and drive for creativity!


tool or lifestyle?

I sometimes wonder if Karl Benz had the forward thinking to project the stronghold automobiles would have on the world when he developed the first gasoline powered vehicle in 1885. Or quite possibly, this was the exact reason he created it.

Over a century later, the automotive industry has been the catalyst for creativity identity, and expression. Simply put, vehicles are used as a tool and as a lifestyle identity. I completely relate to both sides of the spectrum.