That's WY

I frequently get asked why my landscape portfolio is predominantly Wyoming heavy, and why I don’t spend more time shooting elsewhere. To answer that question, I would need to take you back a few years. More like 25 or so years to be exact.

Outside of photography, snowboarding has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. Growing up it wouldn’t be uncommon for me to hit the northeast mountains 30-50 times per season. So, when a couple friends pitched a plan for a trip to Jackson Hole back in 1996, saying I was stoked would have been a drastic understatement.

Days later, planning was well underway and deposits were made…. Then life took a sharp left turn for me. Literally weeks before we were scheduled to leave, I decided that joining the United States Marine Corps was in my best interest at the time. Completely bummed, my boys carried on with the mission without me. As you can imagine they had the time of their lives, and didn’t hesitate to throw it in my face from time to time.

Years past, life moves on, and to this day I know unequivocally that the Marines saved me in so many ways. I’m forever thankful for the life lessons I was taught and the leadership traits that were exhumed in which I had no idea I possessed at the time. 19 years had since past, and still never made it to Jackson. Then one February morning in 2015 I woke up and thought, now is the time! I packed up my snowboard, grabbed the wife, and set out for Jackson, WY.

For those of you who have experienced Jackson, specifically in the winter months know how special this place is. Almost magical. The impact that the landscape, people and aesthetics were literally life altering for me.

Since my initial visit, I return to Jackson annually, sometimes twice a year. In fact, there’s no place I’d rather be. Optimistically I’m certain that sometime soon, the stars will align and we’ll be Jackson residents for good. Until then, I’ll continue to visit as many times as possible. Each time documenting my visits as each one presents a unique opportunity of weather conditions, animal sightings and interactions that continue to motivate me. If you haven’t been, you need to. Life isn’t complete until you’ve experienced this place of magic and wonder!