Chris, born in the early 70's and raised in Brooklyn, New York is best known for his quick wit and over-the-top personality. His adolescent years mirrored a page torn from the movie A Bronx Tale. Stickball, BMX bikes, and East Side Kids style of adventures provided Chris with a unique perspective of life which would lay the ground work for his exploratory personality and later fuel his passion for photography.

Raised in a family of amateur photographers, Chris became intrigued at an early age. It was Christmas of 1982, after Santa strategically placed that Kodak Disk film camera under the tree, that Chris caught an initial glimpse of the creative stronghold photography would eventually have on his life. However, it wasn't until spring of 1998 when he received his first legit camera, a Nikon F3, that Chris started to take his photography seriously.

Chris spent the majority of his 20's serving our Country in the United States Marine Corps. Through a tremendous amount of trial and error, Chris utilized that Nikon to document his deployments, and solidify his shooting style. After 8yrs of honorable service, Chris was honorably discharged from the Marine Corps and became relevant as an internationally published automotive photographer.

Chris is best known for his landscapes, automotive, and cinematic portraits, but he doesn't pigeonhole himself into one specific genre. Chris shoots almost any subject that he finds interesting. Whether infiltrating ground zero to document the 9/11 tragedy, or wading through waist deep snow in frigid temperatures for the perfect sunset, Chris relies on his childhood upbringing and Marine Corps mindset to express his unique perspective.

Chris is currently based in Raleigh, North Carolina, and selectively takes on new clients and projects that peak his curiosity and creativity. For more information, please contact Chris directly from any of the links below.